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As part of its ongoing investigation into patient safety at for-profit dialysis clinics nationwide, the investigative journalism outfit ProPublica has released a new interactive map that lets you compare survival rates and complication rates at over 5,000 dialysis clinics to state and national averages. The map lists 121 facilities in Alabama alone, from Mobile to Birmingham to Florence.

ProPublica has been investigating for-profit dialysis clinics after reports of poor conditions and hundreds of medical injuries and even wrongful deaths seemed to be rampant. Thanks to a 1972 guarantee from Congress, anyone diagnosed with kidney failure has access to Medicare coverage for dialysis treatment and other medical needs. As a result, for-profit dialysis chains sprang up across the country to take advantage of the Medicare-funded market. Today, according to ProPublica, Americans spend $77k more per dialysis patient than any other country, but have the highest mortality rate among dialysis patients in the industrialized world.

For-profit dialysis chains have been accused of cutting corners on patient safety to reduce costs and boost profits, leading to a higher mortality and medical error injury rate. At Long & Long, our personal injury and medical malpractice lawyers believe in holding for-profit companies accountable for risking their patients’ lives. There is no excuse for shirking responsibilities for patient safety.

If someone you love has been sickened, injured, or has died after receiving dialysis treatment in Alabama, please contact the Mobile wrongful death and medical error injury lawyers of Long & Long for a free and frank discussion of your legal options.

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