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Plum (TM) Organics is based in Emeryville, California and makes organic baby food and other packaged food for young children. On Monday this week, they recalled a batch of their apple and carrot baby food in portable pouches. The company posted a letter to “Dear Parents”, explaining that a routine test had determined that “the formulation was incorrect.”

The letter explained that:

  • “Plum Organics immediately investigated the matter and confirmed that a mixing error was to blame which resulted in an improper blend of carrots and apples.”

The letter assures parents that “No illnesses have been reported in connection with this product”, and also that no other Plum Organics products are affected. Parents are urged to return these carrot and apple pouches to Toys-R-Us or Babies-R-Us if they have:

  • A “Best by” date of May 21, 2010; and
  • The UPC number 890180001221.

In a statement issued this week, Paul Gerhardt, who is a member of Plum Organics’ action team, said: “The product did not meet the FDA guidelines for proper acidity level.”

Possibly Poisonous

According to news reports, this batch of baby food may have contained Clostridium botulinum, the bacterium that causes botulism. Botulism is a fatal condition where the entire body becomes paralyzed, including the heart, which stops beating.

This is the same bacterium associated with BOTOX (R) Cosmetic, the popular injectable for smoothing out frown lines and forehead wrinkles. BOTOX (R) Cosmetic is made from a neurotoxic protein produced by Clostridium botulinum. As a cosmetic surgery procedure it is harmless because the dose is so tiny and paralyzes only the muscle where it is injected. However, when orally ingested the neurotoxic protein is the most deadly poison in the world.

If you have any of these pouches of apple and carrot baby food, DO NOT use them, regardless of how normal the food may look. Return the pouches to the store where you bought them and they will reimburse your cost.

Defective products are being recalled almost daily in the U.S. Often the product or one of its components has been made in another country and it fails to meet the FDA’s standards. Recalls are usually voluntary as soon as the company discovers the defect but in some cases the FDA requires a recall and the company must comply even if there is disagreement as to the facts.

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