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There’s no better time for a family vacation than the balmy summer months. Taking the RV on a coastal escape to Dauphin Island or heading to Birmingham for arts and culture fun can be the perfect way to entertain everyone while school is out. The one thing you don’t want on your vacation, however, is a personal injury accident. You can take steps to minimize your family’s risk of injuries while vacationing in Alabama, out-of-state, or out-of-country. Use these easy trip safety tips to learn what to do and what not to do.

Plan the Drive Ahead of Time

In 2016, every 202 seconds, someone got into a car crash in Alabama. Car accidents are some of the most common causes of serious injuries in the state. Vacationers are unfortunately not immune to vehicle collisions. Help your family stay safe on your journey by planning the route ahead of time: find out what the weather will be like on the road and plan accordingly. Don’t try to drive too long in one day to avoid drowsy driving, and make sure to stick to the speed limits and obey roadway rules at all times.

Avoid Water-Related Risks

If you’re one of tens of thousands of Alabamans looking to go swimming this summer, practice water safety to help prevent drowning accidents. Teach your children how to swim, use proper safety devices, and obey state boating laws to stay safe on the water. Always supervise children when swimming in any body of water – even shallow pools. Don’t swim in pools that look unsanitary, with cloudy or discolored water. Swimming in green, slimy-looking pools and hot tubs can result in serious illnesses.

Before you jump in, read all posted warning signs around the pool, beach, or lake. Pay careful attention to signs warning you not to dive in certain areas, or to step carefully on particularly slippery surfaces. Diving into shallow or unsafe water could lead to a fatal spinal cord injury or other injury. Property owners post warning signs for your swimming safety. Follow all the pool rules to keep your family safe.

Prevent Heat Stroke

Avoid succumbing to high temperatures by being smart about what you do during the hottest days of your vacation. First, research what the temperatures will be like ahead of time. If you’re planning hikes or outdoor activities, read about what to expect and what to bring. Have plenty of water with you if you’re going to be out and about on hot days. Never leave children or pets inside closed cars for any amount of time. Learn the signs of heat stroke and take immediate action to get emergency help if you or someone else starts to have symptoms.

Be Cautious While on Someone Else’s Property

Renting an Airbnb is a great way to budget on your vacation, but it can also expose you to premises liability accidents. When staying at someone else’s house (or even a hotel), be on the lookout for potential hazards. These can include broken glass, unstable property features, broken staircases, wet floors, and dangerous-looking tree limbs in the yard. There is no guarantee the Airbnb host takes proper care of his or her property. Stay cautious to stay safe.

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

If you’re traveling somewhere you’ve never been before, be aware of your surroundings and conduct research into safety best practices. The hotel where you’re staying might be in a high-robbery area, you’ll want to be extra careful about protecting your possessions. It is up to the property owner to ensure adequate security. If a criminal attacks you or causes you harm while on vacation, the owner of the property could share liability for failing to reasonably prevent the incident.

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