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A confidential settlement was reached in a wrongful death case where a University of Alabama student, Natalie Baine, was injured in a car crash and died from the injuries she sustained. Baine was traveling back to the college from a cheerleading national championship in 2013.

Baine was involved in a 3-car crash and was severely injured. She died three days later in Baptist Medical Center South due to injuries to her brain.

Baine’s attorney claimed that the driver of the vehicle Baine was riding in was negligent because he was fatigued. According to reports by other students from the cheerleading trip, the driver hadn’t slept at all and was exhausted.Car Accident Wrongful Death Lawsuit - Long & Long

Reportedly, the driver of Baine’s vehicle made an illegal left-hand turn which caused a bus to crash into it. This spun the vehicle and caused a truck to crash into the other side.

Baine’s attorney wished to stress that fatigued driving is just as much as dangerous as drunk driving.

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