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Is Your Insurance Company Acting on Your Claim in Bad Faith? | Mobile AL

If you have hurt been in a car accident in Alabama, you are probably dealing with an emotionally exhausting time in your life. Whether you are coping with physical pain, medical bills, or the injury of a loved one, even minor car accidents can put your life on hold. Dealing with the insurance companies is another task you have to manage, and they are not always working with your best interest in mind. Our Alabama insurance bad faith attorneys share some signs that your insurance company may not be acting in good faith.

Unnecessary Delays in Responding

Your insurance company knows that timing is crucial in the aftermath of a car accident. With mounting bills and time off work, you may be faced with financial pressures that you can’t handle. Insurance companies know that people who are faced with collections are likely to accept less. Other tactics may include requiring time-consuming and complex reporting and specialized forms.

Denial of your Claim

Not all denials represent bad faith, but if your insurance company gives a reason for the denial that doesn’t seem right or erroneously claims you didn’t pay your premiums, you may have the basis a bad faith claim.

Accusations of Wrong Doing

Insurance companies have made wild accusations against their clients to try to avoid paying for a claim. If you have done nothing wrong, they have a duty to uphold their end of the insurance contract.


If you have been threatened by any representative of an insurance company, there is a good chance they are acting in bad faith. Even your own insurer may threaten you with huge rate hikes or cancellation. Speak to an experienced insurance bad faith attorney right away if you are facing threats from any insurer.

If you have suspicions that an insurer is acting in bad faith, don’t wait. Contact the experienced Alabama insurance bad faith attorneys at Long & Long today by calling (800) 672-8518. We protect the rights of car accident victims from Mobile and Orange Beach, Alabama.

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