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Will Homeowner's Insurance Cover Your Slip and Fall Claim? | MobileSuffering a fall at a private residence can present a complex legal situation, especially in cases where the owner of the residence has homeowner’s insurance. Alabama slip and fall law should ideally allow people injured by poorly-maintained property to seek compensation for their injuries, and homeowners insurance should ensure that the homeowner has the funds necessary to properly compensate the injured party.

However, insurance companies and homeowners often operate under a variety of incentives that make this difficult:

  • Insurance companies may cancel coverage if a claim is made
  • Owners do not want to pay higher rates after a claim
  • Insurance companies will try to avoid paying a claim
  • Owners may not tell you they have insurance

In some cases, you can tell when a homeowner or insurance company is taking advantage of you. For example, if a homeowner has a mortgage, he or she likely also has homeowner’s insurance, and homeowners refusing to give you any information about their insurer are almost certainly trying to hide the case from their insurance company.

Whether or not you know the insurance situation of the property owner, there are many opportunities for both the property owner and insurance company to withhold payment or deceive you about the legal realities of your case. Hiring the Mobile premises liability attorneys at Long & Long can help the process move a lot more smoothly!

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