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Slip and Fall Cases with No Lighting | Mobile, Alabama | Long & LongAny experienced and knowledgeable Mobile slip and fall lawyer will be able to tell you that the outcome of your premises liability lawsuit depends greatly on the judgment of the person who owns the property that caused your injury. Courts have to decide how reasonable the owner’s maintenance of the property was, and whether the steps the owner took to maintain his property were in keeping with what a reasonable person would do.

The owner may be found at fault for property that has injured you with:

  • Surfaces covered with water or ice
  • Uneven or heavily cracked surfaces
  • Floor mats that create unexpected bumps or gaps
  • Lack of railings or handholds
  • Insufficient warning signs of environmental hazards

If warning signs and railings are present, but lack of visibility prevents you from seeing them, then that can also be considered a hazard. Many people have to walk past property in low-light situations. If they are unable to see, they cannot heed the signs or locate hand railings, and any injury they suffer from a fall may well be the owner’s responsibility for failing to provide sufficient lighting.

The slip and fall lawyers at Long & Long are here to help if lack of visibility caused you to trip over a hazard or fall down some stairs on someone else’s property. They have plenty of experience dealing with premises liability questions, and know what to expect in many cases.

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