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For many months, the swine flu was given royalty treatment by the mass media with repeated announcements that it was going to be a pandemic and everybody should be vaccinated. The government was going to supply millions of H1N1 vaccinations and local medical centers posted signs to warn traffic about the expected crowds on vaccination days.

Vaccines in Short Supply

However, it has turned out that swine flu is not very serious and according to Harvard researchers, only a little stronger than standard seasonal flu. That is fortunate, since government vaccination supplies turned out to be in short supply, so that only pregnant women and children could be vaccinated in many areas.

Now demand for vaccines has dropped and seasonal flu has started to appear.

Swine Flu Vaccines Recalled

On December 15, the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi Pasteur announced that they were recalling about 800,000 pre-filled syringes that turned out to be too weak for effectiveness. They had been meant for children aged six months to three years and most of them had already been used. They were distributed in the U.S. during November.

At that time, they had tested correctly but when spot testing was done a few weeks later, the strength had dropped below the minimum necessary level. It is not known why that happened.

Bad Vaccine Batch

In the news yesterday were reports that some Ohio residents had been given ineffective H1N1 vaccines. The Montgomery County Health District had given over 2,000 vaccinations on December 17 that they now discover were useless because they had been frozen. Apparently the entire first batch given that day had been frozen in error, rendering them ineffective and those 2,000 people must be vaccinated again.

County personnel have been calling those people to inform them of the error and advise them to return for another shot.

Defective drugs are a constant feature of the attorney world and our defective product attorneys are highly experienced in how to prosecute those claims. So far there are no lawsuits over defective vaccines, but the winter is far from over.

Although our federal government has not actually manufactured any H1N1 vaccines, it has supposedly planned and organized their delivery to all who need them. If it is going to run this country’s entire healthcare system, we have to hope it will improve its efficiency.

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