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TapouT is a popular brand of mixed martial arts clothing. The co-founder, Charles Lewis, Jr. (nicknamed “Mask”) began selling T-shirts in the 1990’s and grew the company’s gross income to $100 million in 2008. From being too poor to buy his own T-shirt, he ended his life owning a $300,000 red Ferrari

In the early morning of March 11 he somehow wrapped it around a telephone pole (or light pole), bisecting it, ejecting his passenger, and killing himself. It is not yet clear how this came about but apparently he was speeding alongside a Porsche, driven by one Jeffrey Kirby, aged 51. At some point the two vehicles collided and spun away and the Ferrari hit a curb before knocking down the pole.

Newport Beach police were patrolling the area and are quoted as describing the Ferrari and Porsche both “spinning out of control on Jamboree Road between Bison Avenue and East Bluff Drive”. Lewis’ partner, one Lynn Nabozny, was in the Porsche and was arrested for public intoxication and then released. Kirby was found on a nearby street, arrested and charged with vehicular manslaughter. He is jailed at this time on a $1 million bail.

The ejected passenger was taken to a hospital where she is in either “serious” or “stable” condition or perhaps both.

Is an Accident always an Accident?

We call them “auto accidents” but almost always, by the time they are investigated, accidents turn out to have been caused by somebody’s carelessness or irresponsibility. They are not arbitrary or random. Perhaps Lewis’ accident was caused by alcohol, but that is not yet established. Drunk driving certainly causes many serious accidents, as does road rage or activities like chasing or racing.

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