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While there are always inherent risks when operating any type of vehicle, there are always increased risks when riding a motorcycle because you have to share the road with larger automobiles. In order to continue to enjoy a fun and safe ride on your motorcycle, our Mobile, Alabama motorcycle accident attorneys wish to share some safety tips with you.

At Long & Long, our lawyers have had decades of experience helping our community members when they’ve suffered an injury from a motorcycle wreck. We wish to spread the word about motorcycle safety to help our community avoid these accidents.

When operating a motorcycle, remember the following safety tips:

  • Motorcycle hits a car. Our Mobile, AL accident lawyers can help with your lawsuitWear a helmet
  • Wear protective leather clothing
  • Wear reflective clothing whenever possible
  • Obey all traffic signals, signs, and speed limits
  • Only change lanes when it’s safe and appropriate and do not cut down the middle of the lanes
  • Remember that you are smaller and you need to be sure that other drivers see you before making a left-hand turn, changing lanes, or when entering traffic

Furthermore, when you’re operating an automobile, remember the following motorcycle safety tips:

  • Watch for motorcycles when making a left turn, changing lanes, or entering traffic
  • Watch for motorcycles in your rear and side-view mirrors as they sometimes are in the middle of the lane
  • Watch for motorcyclists to use hand signals over turn signals
  • Obey all traffic signals, signs, and speed limits

Whenever you’re sharing the road with other vehicles, you must exercise the proper amount of caution in order to avoid dangerous, costly, and sometimes deadly accidents. Our injury attorneys hope that you can remember these tips and find that sharing the road is a little bit easier with them in the forefront of your mind.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and are in need of legal counsel or representation, our attorneys at Long & Long can offer you experience and advice, and try to get you the financial restitution whenever necessary. Contact us today for help with your case! We take phone calls 24/7 and operate on a contingency-fee basis. Call us at (251) 432-2277.


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