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Ravaging thousands of homes and claiming the lives of some 300 people in six southern states, the region-wide devastation wrought by the recent series of tornadoes underscores the importance of maintaining adequate insurance. As victims of these tornadoes attempt to recover and rebuild their lives, however, the aftermath may also demonstrate the importance of knowledgeable insurance coverage and liability lawyers. Although you pay your fair share for auto, homeowner and life insurance, insurance companies are notorious for paying inadequately—and sometimes denying money—regardless of the validity of your claim. The Mobile, Alabama, insurance coverage attorneys at Long & Long understand insurance company procedures and have experience handling a variety of insurance coverage and liability issues, including first-party and third-party claims against insurance providers. First-party claims are brought by the holder against his or her insurance company when the insurer refuses to pay a valid claim. Regardless of whether it’s a health, life, homeowner or auto policy, insurers sometimes claim a specific event isn’t covered by your policy; insurance companies also sometimes deny claims or retroactively cancel policies based on irrelevant criteria. Sadly, many tornado victims may be facing the prospect of first-party claims. If you’ve been denied an insurance claim based on inadequate reasoning by the insurer, please contact the Mobile, Alabama, insurance coverage attorneys at Long & Long, for a free consultation.

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