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Increased Risk of Truck Accidents in State of Alabama | Mobile

According to the NHTSA, truck accidents have been on the rise in the last few years. With larger sizes, lower visibility from the driver’s seat, and slower stopping times, commercial trucks pose a bigger danger than passenger vehicles. When cars and trucks collide, the chance for serious injury increases dramatically and fatalities happen not only in the vehicles involved, but more often than ever occur among pedestrians or bystanders. There are several things you can do to avoid accidents with commercial trucks:

  • Avoid the “no-zones” – the area behind and beside trucks where the truck driver has limited or zero visibility.
  • Don’t stop suddenly or abruptly change lanes in front of a truck.
  • Don’t maneuver to the right of a truck that is making a right turn.
  • Don’t make a left turn in front of a truck, especially if you can’t judge its speed accurately.
  • Merge properly into traffic.
  • Be aware of when trucks change lanes or merge; slow down or speed up accordingly.
  • Be safe in your passing of trucks.
  • Don’t drive between large trucks.
  • Don’t abandon a vehicle in a traffic lane and make sure you remove a disabled vehicle completely from the highway onto the shoulder.

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