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In California

Last week a married couple, Douglas and Vicki Perry, were out for a walk with their two dogs, a Siberian Husky and an American Eskimo called Buster. A solitary pit bull approached them and attacked their husky. When Mrs. Perry intervened it bit her hand and held on to it.

Mr. Perry let go of Buster’s leash to allow it to run away and so that he could help his wife. The pit bull chased Buster and bit it, again holding on. Mr. Perry knocked on a neighbor’s door and asked to borrow a kitchen knife. He stabbed the pit bull in the chest but it maintained its grip on Buster’s neck.

While struggling with the pit bull Mr. Perry cut his hand. After a second stab the pit bull released Buster, staggered away, and died on the street. The Perrys obtained treatment for their injured hands and for their dogs’ bite wounds.

In New Zealand

Also last week, a large dog, a Neapolitan mastiff-cross, bit a three-year-old boy and caused cuts and lacerations on his face. He will need surgery at some point to repair damaged nerves in his cheek. The dog’s owner offered to have his dog put down and the child’s mother called for that to be done.

However the animal control staff on the local City Council objected, claiming that the dog was provoked. An investigation revealed that the child had squeezed and pulled on the dog’s testicles and that in two previous incidents the same boy had been involved with animal cruelty.

So the City Council supported its animal control staff in stating that the dog had a clean record, had been provoked and need not be put down.

In many dog bite incidents, the dog’s owner is found to be at fault for failing to adequately restrain the dog. Pit bulls are reputed to be inherently vicious dogs although pit bull owners say they are simply protective when the need arises and are docile otherwise. Each dog bite occurrence is individual and must be investigated.

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