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Truckers often draw comparisons between driving their big rigs and driving RVs. The comparison usually contrasts the extensive training and experience required to drive commercial vehicles against the absolute lack of training required for the RV owner. Our Mobile defective product attorneys recommend that RV owners take, at least, a course in doing routine safety checks on their RVs, as truckers do. RVers should understand RV tire defects before beginning summer travel.

Doing routine safety checks can help you spot damage as it begins to develop. Checking the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) website regularly can alert you to an impending risk in time to prevent a serious accident from a tire defect.

Defective tires can blow without warning, causing costly damage to your RV while risking a serious accident, injuries and death. Handling an RV during a blowout is far more difficult than handling the same blowout on a car because of the extra weight and size, and the likelihood that you will be towing an auto or boat.

Common defects include separation of tire tread from the inner steel belt, sidewall failure, and bead wire failures. In the case of the recent recall of Nitto Tire Co., Ltd. Nitto / Dune Grappler Desert Terraine (S116) / 265/50R20 111T, the upper sidewall cracks led to sudden deflation because of sidewall failure.

If you own this model of tire you can obtain replacement tires by calling 1-888-529-8200.

But if you have already experienced a failure, and especially if you have incurred an injury, please contact Long & Long, Mobile, Alabama defective product attorneys, immediately.

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