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New Orleans US District Court Judge Carl Barbier ruled Wednesday that Kenneth Feinberg must disclose in all his communications that he is “acting for and on behalf of BP” as administrator of the $20 Billion compensation fund for BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill victims.

Feinberg had previously been touting himself as an independent party despite his law firm being paid $850,000 per month by BP. Lawyers for plaintiffs involved in oil spill liability lawsuits against BP protested to the court that Feinberg’s claims of independence were unlawful, and the judge agreed. Feinberg had also made statements that settling claims through the fund he administered would be superior to filing a lawsuit with the help of an oil spill attorney.

Yesterday, Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange weighed in on the matter, agreeing with Judge Barbier that Feinberg must be more honest in his dealings with BP Gulf Oil Spill victims and their families.

It is expected that Judge Barbier’s ruling will encourage more oil spill victims to file lawsuits against BP rather than settling their claims through the Feinberg-administered fund. The attorneys of Long & Long are ready to help any Alabama Gulf Coast residents who need help filing a BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Lawsuit.

If the BP oil spill damaged your health, property, or livelihood and you have not received fair compensation, please contact the experienced Alabama maritime accident lawyers of Long & Long today to set up a free case evaluation.

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