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In October, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) did a side-impact test on Volvo’s 2010 XC60. They found that the driver’s seatbelt detached itself at a point near where it is anchored to the vehicle, near the driver’s left hip. The test was done with a 31 mph impact representing the front of an SUV or pickup truck.

One James Hope, a Volvo spokesman, said that this had not happened in any of the side-impact tests done at the Volvo Safety Center in Sweden. They had done about 50 such tests. However, because of this one instance of a seatbelt failure in one test, they are voluntarily recalling 9,667 of the XC60s, most of them in the U.S. or Canada.

Top Safety Pick Awards

The IIHS was doing tests to pick its Top Safety Pick awards for 2010. Despite this recall, Volvo won six awards. Subaru, Honda, and Volkswagen received the highest scores for safety however. Toyota won no awards. There was a new test this year of roof strength. It was to test SUVs in rollover accidents, to see if the roof would collapse or not. Not every car company had improved this feature of their vehicles and most vehicles did not pass this test.

Recall Notifications Upcoming

Volvo has sent a formal letter to the IIHS notifying them of the recall and tomorrow will begin notifying dealers. Owners will receive notification in two to three weeks. You can have a repair done on the seatbelt attachment housing that will take about 30 minutes. There will be no charge for this.

Because this Volvo XC60 had a defective seatbelt in the IIHS test, thousands of XC60s are recalled. They may not all have this defect however, since Volvo’s own tests did not find it. Auto accidents can cause such severe injuries and even death that it is just as well to recall a model if there is any doubt at all as to its full safety. Defective products are recalled regularly in the U.S.

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