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A diffuse axonal injury (DAI) is one of the most severe brain injuries that can occur. It is also one of the most common injuries to the brain, however it happens without a person being struck in the head.

A DAI can cause a person to suddenly become unconscious and, in many cases, most people never come out of their coma. If a person does recover from the coma their DAI caused, they will suffer permanent brain damage.

A DAI happens when the long connective fibers in the brain have tears in them. This occurs from the brain shaking or rotating in an excessive manner. This most commonly occurs from car accidents or major falls.

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When the long connective fibers in the brain, also known as axons, are torn, lesions will form on the brain and can cause a coma or other severe brain injuries.

DAIs are very hard to diagnose and may manifest themselves suddenly when the injured person slips into a coma. Treatment can include speech therapy, physical therapy, and other restorative processes.

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