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What to do in an Accident with a Police Car or Emergency Vehicle | Mobile, AL

You may have heard the news earlier this year of a couple that was struck by a police car, killing the husband and injuring his wife. While the officer involved in the Mobile car wreck was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing, the living victim pursued a civil suit on behalf of herself and the estate of her husband, and won a settlement from the city.

Police have jobs that require them to respond to all sorts of emergencies, and in the course of these responses they may make errors that lead to a car accident, like failing to turn on their lights or sirens at the appropriate time. While grand juries are often reluctant to indict police officers on criminal charges, you may still have the option of a civil suit against the department.

You should always contact an auto accident lawyer after a car crash involving a police officer for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • The insurance process is different than normal.
  • Police officers will generally have access to legal representation.
  • You may want to get more evidence than just a police report to avoid conflicts of interest.

Whatever the circumstances of your car wreck, you can count on the personal injury lawyers from Long & Long to fight for you. Our attorneys have decades of experience working car accident cases in Mobile, and will devote the resources and attention that your case needs to have a good chance of a favorable settlement or ruling.

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