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So many of the features common to modern vehicles require electrical wiring throughout the structure of the car. When these electrical systems are poorly designed or have manufacturing defects, they can be a hazard to every area of the vehicle. The experienced car accident lawyers at Long & Long can help you determine if the vehicle manufacturer could be liable for damages when an electrical defect leads to injury.

Signs of Electrical Wiring Defects

Short circuits are the most common type of electrical defect responsible for vehicle recalls. Most drivers are unaware of the warning signs of a defect in the wiring system until something goes wrong. Since these problems can be difficult to spot, it’s important to watch out for warning signs like:

  • Flickering lights in the dashboard, radio, navigation panel, interior, and/or exterior
  • Sudden loss of power in any part of the vehicle
  • Intermittent failure of electrical components, including power windows or on board computer screens
  • Odors of melting plastic or burning smells
  • Smoke in any part of the vehicle

Many people who have encountered problems like this don’t take them seriously. While these issues may seem like a fairly minor annoyance, they can indicate a potential hazard. Serious dangers can be caused by these short circuits including fires, electrical shocks, and dangerous driving conditions.

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