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Difficulties with Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits | Mobile, AlabamaIf you have recently been in an accident while you were riding a motorcycle, you may think that the process of suing for damages is more or less the same as a personal injury lawsuit following a car accident. And while motorcycle accident lawsuits are fairly similar to car accident lawsuits, the circumstances of the crash and prejudices of the general public mean that your case must be approached differently.

In a motorcycle wreck in Alabama, the same things must be proven as in any personal injury case:

  • You must show that you were reasonably careful in the events leading up to the wreck.
  • You must show that the other driver was negligent.
  • You must show that the other driver’s negligence contributed directly to your injury.

However, in the case of a motorcycle crash, these may end up being difficult to prove. Juries tend to have preconceptions of motorcyclists as people who drive recklessly and take unsafe risks, and can be slow to believe that the other driver may have been at fault.

To win your motorcycle crash lawsuit, your lawyer must be able to gather the facts of your case, and argue them in such a way that it becomes clear to the court who is truly at fault. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Long & Long know how to gather evidence to build a solid, fact-based case, and will review your case for free if you contact our Mobile office at (251) 432-2277.

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