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Over the last several months, the price at the pump has decreased significantly. It has been predicted by the Federal Energy Information Administration that the national average price of gas will drop 23% in 2015 to $2.60/gallon. With this large decrease in gas prices, it seems that there would only be an upside, especially for your wallet.

However, researchers studying the correlation between gas prices and fatal car accidents aren’t so optimistic about the drop in gas prices. A sociologist at South Dakota State University, Guangqing Chi, claims that a $2 drop in gas prices across the entire United States could equate to as many as 9,000 more road deaths in one year.

Mobile Alabama Car Accident LawyersWith more people being able to afford to gas up their vehicles, more people will opt for private transportation over public transportation. People will also be more likely to take road trips, go camping, and take short weekend trips that are outside of their usual localization. All of this extra traffic means a lot more risk of car accidents.

Any time you are involved in a car accident, whether you suffer a minor or major injury, our team of experienced car accident attorneys can help get you the compensation you deserve. If the accident occurred due to the negligence of another, we can utilize our experience to help get you financial assistance to pay for and recuperate from your injuries.

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